Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Inspiring Wrestler

Anthony Robles is a wrestler as ASU and he only has one leg. Anthony has
always had the determination to do whatever he has put his mind too.
Anthony is a die-hard raiders fan and always wanted to be a football player
growing up. He has played football and basketball which is amazing with
only having one leg. Anthony is a true inspiration that with determination
and a positive attitude that anything can be achieved. Anthony runs an 8
minute mile on his crutches! That is an unbelievable statistic that he can
crutch that fast for that long. Anthony is an inspiration to his teammates,
but I believe he can be an inspiration to everyone that wants to achieve
something. People like Anthony can put things in a different perspective and
I believe can change people's outlook on life. If students in my physical
education class ever get down on themselves or are not believing in
themselves, Anthony Robles story could be a great motivation tactic. This is
a great story and I always get amazed at what people are capable of.

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