Monday, February 21, 2011

"Mickey" - My classmate, teammate & friend

Mickey is an Mexican-American and we grew up together. We are the same age and have been playing football together since I can remember. The town we grew up in was predominantly white students, but Mickey did not let this affect him. Mickey’s parents are immigrants and do not speak English very well. When we were younger I remember Billy used to be picked on once in a while because of his ethnicity. He never let this bother him and I thought was very brave how handled situations.
As we got into high school there was pressure from Mickey’s parents for him to start working as a day laborer with his father and uncle. Mickey saw it as a great opportunity to make money in the summer. As we got older Mickey’s father and uncle wanted to have Mickey work on weekends during the school year and then they wanted to have him work on school days. Mickey did not see this dilemma coming, he was torn by his family and his schoolwork. As time went on he was getting pressure from his family to work and his friends and teachers to stay in school. Mickey always wanted to be a biology teacher and he did not let his stereotype and other influences get in the way. Mickey kept working in the summers, but he finished out his high school degree and went onto college. Mickey is going to graduate in May and have his teaching degree in biology. Mickey did not let the stereotypes and other people putting him down get in the way of his goals. Mickey is a story of inspiration and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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