Monday, February 14, 2011

WWYD? Prosthetics and Sport

My first reaction to the video is I feel bad for the player that has been cut from the baseball team.  I also find it amazing that the young man can pitch the ball so hard while having prosthetic legs.  Even though the player got cut from the team it shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.  The mother and son seemed very shocked that he got cut from the baseball team.  Not only did they both looked shocked, they both seemed like it was very unfair.  From their point of view he got cut because of his disability, not his skills in baseball.  I am not totally sure if going on the air is going to help the teenager make the baseball team.  I know that with this big of media coverage the school is not going to be able to just turn their back on the situation.  The situation will have to be dealt with, but is the school going to let the teenager on the team just because of the media coverage?  It seems very odd to me that the teenage could be a prospect by the Major Leagues, but can not make a high school baseball team.  I do not think that the school is going to let the teenager right back on the team just because of the media coverage.  Cuts and teams should be made by ability and the betterment for the team.  If the school allows the teenager back on the team it looks as if they treated him unfairly just because of his disability.  Their body language and voice tone helped their argument against the school.  It helped because they were very disappointed and sounded very upset that the school is letting his disability hold him back.  The video makes the viewer question the schools decision based on the facts given by the mother and the son. 
If I were the High School coach:  I would give the teenage baseball player the same opportunity as any other player on the team.  I would try to be as unbiased as possible and make a decision based on the betterment for the team and ability.  As a coach if you can honestly say that the decision to cut a player is solely based ability and the betterment for the team, then that coach should not be worried about the video.  I understand that politics, media and parents play a huge role in high school sports and sometimes avoiding conflict is not possible.  I am not sure what happened with this student athlete, but I would not be surprised if the school changed their decision.

The video makes it look as if the teenager was cut just because his disability and not because of his talent level.  If the video is completely true than the student never should have been cut in the first place.  There is a possibility that the student did get cut purely based on talent and not just because of his disability.  Many parents now a days find it their duty to make sure their son/daughter is given the same opportunity as every other student.  Sometimes parents get very involved even when the school or coaches are correct on their decision making.  I am not sure if the teenager is back on the baseball team, but with all of this media coverage I would not be surprised if the school had to put the teenager back on the baseball team.

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