Monday, February 14, 2011


Tracking is when students are put into different classes based on their abilities.  Low, middle and high are assigned to different “tracks” where each group will be learning at different speeds.  In most cases the different “tracks” learn different material.  The lower group might learn vocational skills with technology or working skills (cashier, etc.) where the higher group will learn subjects that will get them ready for college.  Students are usually put into “tracking groups” early on in their education and rarely have a chance to change groups once they are in them.  Some teachers view tracking as a great way to manage students, some teachers believe that it is a bad system.  As time goes on in one’s education career some students might start questioning their grouping and their groupings name.  If students know they are in the slow or low tracking group, this could create jealousy and other emotions against their group and others.  Teachers have argued and admitted that they do put more effort into the higher tracking groups opposed to the lower tracking groups.  If this is the case than the tracking system is flawed for that particular district.  Many studies have been done that the tracking groups have to do with socio-economic status and race playing a major factor.  A student of low socio-economic status has a higher chance of getting put into the lower track.  The lower track usually deals with management and social problems, rather than the academic problems the higher tracks deal with.  I personally believe tracking is not a good 

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