Monday, February 14, 2011

Sayville High School

I went to Sayville High School where it is located in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.  I played sports growing up in Sayville all the way up to the varsity level where I found it to be one of the better experiences of my life.  Sayville has taken pride in education and athletics.  is the link to the curriculum page where there are goals, beliefs, values and a mission statement.  is the link to the interscholastic hand book for Sayville athletics.  In the handbook you will find teams, philosophies for all levels of athletics, policies, beliefs, safety issues and much more. is the link to the physical education department where you will find what is being taught in the high school, objectives for all three domains and a mission statement. All three of the mission statements for education, physical education and athletics have the same core idea.  The core idea that Sayville’s programs are getting their students ready for life.  Whether it be in physical education where they are being taught life long activities or in athletics where they are being taught the value of teamwork and leadership skills.  All three departments strive to have the students ready for life after high school. is the link to my philosophies.

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